How do successful retailers make the right decisions?

They have accurate knowledge of what will happen in the future!


  • Having cash to pay all of your bills when they come due
  • Dipping into your line of credit much less often or Never
  • Taking fewer markdowns
  • Not running out of merchandise in the hottest categories during the season
  • Being able to take a salary increase to reward yourself for the time and investments made in your business

Management One has been accurately predicting the retail future for stores like yours since 1990.  I would like an opportunity to show you how we can help you to improve Sales, Profits and Cash-Flow.






Plan for Success

You’re the beating heart of your business, but your inventory is its lifeblood. Accurately predict how much merchandise you need, in which classes, and when, and you’ll be empowered to control spending, stay out of debt, and invest in the growth of your business.

Look into the future of your business

Inventory planning—sometimes called open-to-buy—uses basic math to reveal how much inventory you need to meet demand. The fundamentals are simple, but accurate planning requires accurate projections, and predicting the future is no simple thing.
Management One’s predictive algorithms are built on thirty years of real store data. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’ve created customized inventory plans that are 94% accurate, when followed correctly.

Plan with Passion

To achieve real financial security, you need to invest in the future by accurately projecting sales and allocating spends. Management One helps you do both, so you can increase margins and cash flow, shrink debt, and make retail fun again.
Soon enough, you won’t be asking yourself how you’re going to meet all your commitments. You’ll be making new ones.

What to buy, how much, and when?

Answering these questions on instinct is like tiptoeing to the edge of a cliff. You have to take the leap if you want to stay in business, but is that a parachute strapped to your shoulders, or a backpack filled with past-due invoices?
Don’t find out on the way down. Management One’s trusted forecasting accurately predicts how purchasing and pricing decisions will impact your bottom line.