Alan Roseman

Alan Roseman has more than 45 years of retail experience in all phases of specialty store retailing. For over 20 years, he owned and operated a large menswear retail business in Los Angeles. In 1998, when business suits gave way to casual dress in the workplace, Alan closed his store and entered the retail technology industry selling and installing POS Merchandising Systems to independent and small chain retailers.
In 2005, Alan drew from his experience in retailing and started Strategic Results as a certified affiliate of Management One with the goal of helping independent specialty retail stores to increase sales, profits and cash-flow. Alan has had many articles published in Action Outdoor & Bike Magazine and TransWorld Business Magazine. He has also presented many seminars for BRA Boot Camps and Certification Programs. 
Alan has extensive knowledge in merchandising, marketing, accounting and a host of other specialty retail store issues.

Management One


Management One was established in 1990 to provide merchandise planning for independent retail businesses.  Gathering information from a retailers POS system, a very accurate sales forecast with projected inventory levels can be created.  This forecast is created monthly by classification so that each class maximizes sales goals so that accurate monthly Open-to-Buy budgets are created for the future 12 months.

The best merchandise planning is interactive.  Communication and gut-level instinct argument bottom-up planning.  The input from your store, special events, changes in the market, emerging trends plus many other factors are woven together to generate your monthly merchandise plan.